Donate a Car in NJ

Did you know that you can donate more than just money to help a worthy cause? At the American Children’s Society, Inc., we pride ourselves on making it simple and easy to help kids in need. This why we’ve recently expanded our donation options to include more than just cars! Read on to learn more about the different vehicles that you can now donate to the American Children’s Society, Inc. If you have a camper that’s just sitting on your property and collecting dust, why not donate it? We’re now accepting donations of all types of recreational vehicles so you’ll be able to clear out more of your yard or garage while knowing that your donation will go to help children suffering from cancer.They say that a man has two happiest days in his life: the day he buys a boat, and the day he finally gets rid of it! If you no longer have the time, money or resources to continue taking care of your boat, why not jump straight to the second happiest day of your life by donating your boat? You won’t …